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Glowless Brand Refresh & New Packaging

By September 25, 2021No Comments

First off let me say I love our Glowless logo – but when I bought Glowless, one of my initial impressions was that the pink branding is a tough sell for guys. That’s half of the people Glowless can help, so I didn’t want to automatically turn them off. For month’s I’ve been kicking around colors, and I honestly love where I landed.

Pink reminds me of red, and Glowless’ goal is the opposite of that. Our refreshed brand represents exactly what our product is here to do – it’s cool and calm 🙂

Another one of the first things I needed to do was order new packaging. For all of you who recieved an order with some of our in-between-packaging – I appreciate you! Lol, your next order will be in our new packaging.