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Glowless Patch v3.3.1

By January 20, 2021July 18th, 2021No Comments

Glowless is a solution specifically designed to prevent Asian Glow by attacking the root cause. Many people on our team were victims to the infamous “Glow,” so we decided to dedicate our existence to eliminate this condition. We continue to update and iterate our formula to be highly effective and work on many people as possible.

We take pride in knowing that our customers can finally enjoy going out and minimize their Asian Glow and hangovers. More often than not, we’ll have someone say to us, “This has really changed how I go out and drink with my friends.” We had the same reaction when testing our product. This paradigm shift our solution delivers is what drives us to push ourselves even further and help more people achieve a fun, stress-free night out.

Moreover, we aren’t just passionate about Glowless because it prevents symptoms of the Glow. As we did further research, we became aware that people with “Asian Glow” were actually at a higher health risk, as Acetaldehyde buildup from Alcohol can be extremely detrimental to your long-term health. Unfortunately, taking alternatives like Pepcid AC can harm you more, as it merely masks the redness without breaking down the Acetaldehyde that will harm you in the long-run.

We set out to help alleviate the symptoms, but by directly breaking down the root cause of it rather than just masking it. During our preliminary product testing, we discovered something really amazing- we wouldn’t feel hungover the following morning. After further research, we realized that because Acetaldehyde causes hangovers, we had also built a product that mitigates hangovers.

That being said, along with alleviating the symptoms of Asian Glow and hangovers, we’re allowing ourselves to live healthier, “Asian Glow” free lives.