Applying & Removing The Patch

Apply the patch to your upper arm, upper chest, or lower abdomen at least 30 minutes before drinking. For dry or sensitive skin, please apply Vaseline or a hypoallergenic lotion to the area, let dry, and then apply patch. Leave the patch on for the entire night.

After 12 hours, remove the patch by peeling off slowly in a hot shower for easiest removal.

Tips to ensure full effectiveness

  • Make sure to hydrate and eat before drinking
  • Make sure the area is dry and free from hair
  • Apply flat; ensure full contact to skin
  • Stick to low histamine alcohol and sugar free mixers: vodka, white tequila or gin with soda water is perfect
  • Do not remove and try to re-apply
  • Leave on for 12 hours (will help prevent your hangover!)
  • Remove by peeling slowly after 12 hours in a hot shower for easiest removal