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Pills or Patches for Asian Glow

By November 3, 2022February 21st, 2024No Comments

If you get red and feel awful when you drink alcohol (asian glow/alcohol flush reaction), you are probably desperate to find a solution. The first time I drank a sip of alcohol, this happened to me, and there weren’t any solutions at the time. Now, a lot of people who struggle with this are trying things like Pepcid AC (Famotidine), other anti-flush pills, and anti-flush patches. So are pills or patches the best solution for preventing asian glow?

The easiest way to compare solutions is by looking at the delivery method. The options in the market today are either by pill or transdermal patch. There are advantages and disadvantages for both, but one is the clear winner overall. 

Two Options: Patches or Pills for Asian Glow

First, let’s dive into pills. All pills must be swallowed 30-45 minutes before drinking and the quantity varies depending on the solution. Some require one and others require 3 or more if flushing continues after drinking. A lot of the pills are large in size, so it can be tough to get them down if you aren’t used to it. But that isn’t the biggest issue with using pills for preventing the asian glow, it’s the way they’re absorbed. 

Pills and all other digestible solutions end up losing a lot of their efficacy as they make their way through the body. In order for a pill to make it to the small intestine and liver for ultimate absorption, it has a long way to travel. The biggest hurdle along the way is when the supplement meets the stomach acids, which are super harsh. The process ends up significantly decreasing the amount of the supplement that gets delivered into the bloodstream. This leads to a loss in overall efficacy of the solution, but still may work for some. Stop taking pepcid and zantac for alcohol flush. Try a Glowless patch, which was made to actually prevent alcohol flush and the awful symptoms that come with it. #alcoholflush #asianglow #pepcid #histamine #asianglowpatch ♬ original sound – Glowless

Using Patches as the Delivery Method

When using transdermal patches, like pills, you need to make sure you apply them before you start drinking alcohol. Most require 30-45 minutes for full absorption. Unlike pills, you are not digesting anything, just applying a patch (like a sticker) to your skin in a key area. The best places for application are your upper arm, lower stomach, or upper chest. You will need one or two patches depending on the solution, but you won’t need to apply any more as the day or night continues.

The biggest reason to use patches is because they completely circumvent the digestion process by going straight into the bloodstream. The high concentration of ingredients in a patch meets the low concentration of vitamins in your skin. This is what allows the ingredients to steadily absorb into your skin without losing efficacy in the process.

The Glowless Patch

Now you have context for why you should use a patch versus a pill for preventing the asian glow. The patch that I recommend using is of course ours: Glowless. The proprietary blend of ingredients in the patch has been iterated over time based on customer feedback and testing. Additionally, if it doesn’t work for you, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee. Regardless of what you are using to prevent the asian glow, remember to follow these tips for preventing asian glow and always drink responsibly.