Glowless Patches – 14 Pack

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14 pack, $2 per patch

  • Apply in seconds, starts working in 30 minutes
  • Reduces or eliminates asian glow
  • Transparent and discreet
  • Nothing but vitamins and anti-oxidants
  • 100% guarantee

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Based on 103 reviews
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  1. Jessie K.

    Part of the batch two order. I hope they improve the smell a bit but i’d Say that the redness being gone outweighs that. Looking forward to ordering in batch 3

  2. Kim M.

    This worked for my wheezing/headaches but my face still felt a bit red. That being said, I internally felt much better, but I still appeared red so that’s why its a 3*.

  3. Christina Y.

    Asian Flush was gone but the adhesive was a little strong when taking it off. I guess it was worth it to not fall off but maybe try to sell one that sticks less.

  4. Benjamin N.

    I have faced issues with Asian glow and redness for my entire social life. These patches worked really well for me, however they felt a bit big

  5. Maria L.

    Loved the branding and memes I saw on IG. Had to give it a try and it honestly worked pretty well.

  6. Ben D.

    Applied it 30 minutes before drinking, felt a bit hot but nothing compared to a usual night out. Worked great and didn't feel itchy. Look forward to ordering more

  7. Alissa V.

    The main reason why I bought this was to get rid of the redness in which it did its job. But I still had a bit of a headache, it could have been the drink I was having

  8. Erica X.

    Used to be a big pepcid guy until I found out about the negatives which just weren't worth it for me. Saw a friend with this patch and he recommended I try it. Happy to say that I chose the healthier and more efficient alternative.

  9. Kevin N.

    Going out really hasn't been the same without these patches. I can confidently say that these helped me start to socialize more as every time I used to go out, someone would ALWAYS point out how red my face looked. Thank you guys and I will for sure be ordering more!

  10. Anthony G.

    To my surprise, these worked really well. I typically get super flushed which is followed up by hives. Happy to say this wasn't the case when trying these patches out.

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